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feat. UnLanguage

data whorehouse is an exploration of WORDS of what lies beyond the end of what can be done with words

CutUp Collection 1 (A/bat PDF)

in the grand tradition of Gysin, Burroughs and the Beats,

datawhorehouse invites you to surrender to your function:-?

of Unlanguage and its uses...


is our first dedicated product, a full-length CD of cutup soundscaping created in collaboration with Binda23

understand it now:

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surrendered to my function dreamwater website

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new text man is a lazy traveler

On THE POET from 'the zealtor'>
"The poet speaks with words. That may sound like a truism, but the truth is that there are mysteries in words. It is no accident that the greatest mystery of all, the LOGOS, may be translated as meaning, "Word". When they speak with new words, and new word forms, no one can understand them - this is what the troubadours recognized. Before a society can become receptive to a new idea, a new vocabulary must be created. The old vocabularies can speak only of the old things: they are like rusty railway tracks which run always in the same direction. A new vocabulary is required for new things, for new directions. The true poet finds it very hard to speak to his contemporaries, as he is using and forging a language which will be fully understood only by future generations..."

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