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You call me from too far away

out of you

magdalena 99

Label is NDN Records (Neat Damned Noise)

Catalogue number NDN 19

due 06/99

Semi-Truth void of degeneration

the fabulous "legendary legendary" cultsuperherogroup cd I Knew Buffalo Bill put out by Rihcard Angel he runs Direct Distribution Jeremy S Gluck singer used 2 b of fabulous "legendary legendary" surf punkz The Barracudas (they had their folk rock phase but Gluck got over it and smashed the band) met Angel said "Why make an old album without a new album" Angel said my band Acohol including latter day Saint Michael Baylis could do this thing for you then later recorded demos for what would become first new belief in ten years for NDN of Texas. recorded too fast in souf Lon/din over one weekend and countless eons. "You Call Me (From Too Far Away)" - personal - first, "Out Of You" - I'm fucked up and I'm proud anti-New Age/spiritual fascism rant - and of course Magdalena 99 two-timed Alan Vega classic. A collision between Pixies and Atari Teenage Riot, Semi-Truth's new single You Call me/Out Of You/Magdalena 99 is the first new recording by ex-Barracuda heart and mind Jeremy S Gluck in ten years and features Michael Baylis, Saint. Gluck, whose Barracudas are now recognised as the thyroid Flamin' Groovies of their (inter-)generation, broke up for no good reason...but who cares he's writing this and he is bored. Semi-Truth makes no sense blame The Space Monitor souf L/undone studios...what kind of idiot mixes every verse wrong? millions won't buy this. endz.}

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